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Beach at Nice Photo

Beach at Nice

When I set up my easel to attempt to capture the grandeur and excitement of The Beach at Nice,
my challenge was to convey the animation of the water which seems like liquid crystal, alive with light
and motion and of the bathers on the shore. I used bold strokes to convey the vibrant colors of the flags
and beach cabanas. The pristine white sailboats dance on the waves, making the perfect accent to
suggest the vibrant movement of the water. The wispy clouds, resembling sailboats in the sky, heighten
the sense of a blustery afternoon. The Beach at Nice is crowded with bathers; the almost pointillist
application of colors works to dramatize the action. Anyone who enjoys sea breeze, sand, and water
will surely relish their time at The Beach at Nice. An avenue that beckoned that pursuit.."

- Thomas Kinkade

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