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Nancy Glazier studies not only animals, but also the places of the Earth that they inhabit. Glazier says that she is never happier than when she is in the territory of the animals that mesmerize and awe her. On her research trips, she photographs the area and the animals, all the while memorizing the feel, smell, and sounds, as well as the light, colors, and textures of the scene. Upon returning home to paint, she reaches into the recesses of her sense memory, so that she can instill the painting with all the aspects of the natural scene. Glazier wants each of her paintings to provide the viewer with more than the look of the animal and its home. She wants the viewer to experience the scene as she did.

She also attends animal anatomy classes, as well as sculpture classes, where she sculpts animals, starting with the skeleton, then the muscles, and finally the skin and fur. Glazier wants to know and experience every element of her art so that she can capture the very essence of it.

Nancy Glazier always knew she was meant to be an artist. "Painting" is the breath of life, Glazier explains. It's in my bones. As a little girl Nancy's favorite subjects were horses and dogs, not only because of their beauty but because of their relationship to man. Nancy Glazier is one of the most renowned wildlife artists in America. Glazier has painted everything from buffalo to polar bears, but her favorite subjects are still horses, wolves, foxes and coyotes. It's not only the animals' physical splendor that attracts Glazier, it is also their spirit.

Nancy currently lives in rural Montana, where she shares territory with many of the wild creatures she paints.

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