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 Vadik Suljakov comes from a well known intellectual family with many generations of artists and writers. His uncle is a well-established artist in Russia who is known for his photo-realistic paintings.Suljakov was born in the cultural center of Moscow in the year 1960. His parents gave him an excellent home education and he began painting at the age of seven. He continued with Russia's most rigid and traditional art education. The schools were very strict and difficult, and only a few were chosen to go on to the next level. The union of his traditional education and his personal creative style helped him become the versatile master artist he is today. From the ages twelve to twenty he perfected his style of technically difficult artwork. He attended Moscow First Art school and served apprenticeships at the Moscow Graphic Art Committee and the Moscow Modern Art Group. Suljakov left Russia in 1991 after he, like many artists in the Soviet Union, was asked to tie his art to politics. When asked how he feels about the United States, Suljakov emphatically states, "I came to America when the time was right, when I had enough experience to express my art and thought on canvas." For Suljakov, one of the most frustrating situations in Russia were the severe paint shortages. Paints were very rare and expensive and he had to become a master manipulator just to get canvas and brushes. When he came to America he was stunned, like most Russians, to see all the colors readily available. Now he could finally transfer his memories of Europe to canvas. Trips to cities such as Venice and Vienna as well as Paris while a young artist could now be given their full justice. From the cafe's and canals to the narrow alleyways and stairs, Suljakov paints the beloved cities of the world in their timeless beauty. "If those who view my art are happy, then I am happy," Vadik says with a broad grin on his face.


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