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Tom duBois has the gift of seeing the world through a child's eyes. This is perhaps why he is so fond of a quote by Picasso, "Every child is an artist, the problem is remaining a child once you grow up." Graduating from Chicago's famed American Academy of Art, Tom earned a reputation as a gifted artist and illustrator. His series for the Disney Discovery Collection brought him international fame. Lately, however, he has found inspiration in stories from the Bible.

People across America have been reintroduced to the story of Noah's Ark with duBois' vibrant images. A series of four, each painting depicts a different scene of the story, showing the Ark's progress in The Promise, The Invitation, The Commission, and The Celebration. Despite it's considerable success, it is first and foremost a labor of love. The Promise was nearly a year in the making. Tom not only researched the story of the Ark, but sewed the costumes worn by his models. He traveled to several zoos, including those in San Diego, Chicago and Los Angeles, to sketch and photograph a variety of animals. His faithful attention to detail is evident, the viewer will continually notice new things, seemingly insignificant details will reveal the considerable knowledge, faith, and skill that went into their creation.

Tom's Christmas series will bring story of the Nativity into your home for the holidays. And Wise Men Came and Behold, I Bring You are the first half of this four part series.

A true Renaissance man, duBois has merged his love of God, art, poetry and music into an interesting and diverse ministry. As well as a fine artist, Tom is a poet, singer and story teller. He often appears at gallery shows with his acoustic guitar and sings to the amazement and delight of his collectors.

"Since I began painting Biblical scenes, much has changed in my life. The research I found necessary in the beginning became more and more important to me. I studied the Bible, but I also studied thousands of painting by artists who have walked this path before me. On several occasions, part of paintings "painted" themselves until, over several years, I have to admit that much was not my own doing - a far greater artist/creator was at work leading me in His direction.

Although I had designed and sewed many costumes for my characters, I knew I had to give the landscape and backgrounds authenticity also. I traveled to Isreal a few years ago. It was wonderful to see for myself - the architecture, the landscape, the people, the flora and fauna of the Holy Land. I needed to stand in the places Christ and His disciples had stood. I needed to see where He was born, where Mary held Him as a tiny infant. Since that trip, my confidence has grown because of the familiarity I now have, and that confidence allows me to be even more creative." - Tom duBois


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